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Who are customs brokers and their services


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When concluding economically complex, and especially international transactions, small firms and large companies resort to the help of brokers. Here the question arises: “Who are brokers?”

Brokers are intermediaries in concluding a transaction who receive compensation for their services (most often in the form of commissions). Brokerage services are a service that is in high demand in various industries to help close deals and create a bond between the seller and the buyer.

When transporting goods across the border, a lot of difficulties can arise. To solve difficulties associated with the transportation and clearance of goods, you can use the services of customs broker – specially trained people.

Customs brokers are authorized individuals or legal entities who provide their services by carrying out customs clearance of goods and preparing a package of documents.

By collaborating with trusted companies that have an excellent reputation and positive reviews, you get a stable business with high profits, because customs control has strict rules and often many necessary goods do not reach customers.

Responsibilities and services of a customs broker

Brokerage services in transport matters must be secured by a notarized agreement, which is drawn up by a professional lawyer. Rights, responsibilities and risks are described in detail in the document, indicating the exact timing of the work. The client has the right to demand full implementation of each clause of the contract.

Standard duties of a customs agent:

  • Indication of the composition of the characteristics of the goods in the declaration;
  • Calculation of the payment amount;
  • Establishment of consignment note codes;
  • Handing over the cargo to the customs organization with all the necessary data;
  • Drawing up a declaration and submitting it to the appropriate authorities;
  • Obtaining various documentation (permits and agreements);
  • Studying the package of documents for quick and successful customs clearance.

The broker’s services include:

  • Proper storage of goods in warehouses during the period of document registration and customs clearance;
  • Compliance with all formalities and resolution of disputes;
  • Comprehensive consultation on legislative issues;
  • Full legal support in solving controversial and non-standard problems.

The list of obligations and services of a customs broker may change. Corrections are made due to changes in legislation, broker capabilities and client wishes. But the main rule remains – the responsible fulfillment of all obligations not only to the customer, but also to the customs authority.

The list of documents and the nuances of transportation largely depend on the type of transport on which the cargo arrives in the country of destination, and on the country of origin of the order. The most popular are sea transportation and air transportation.

Delivery from China is considered the most popular among customers and services of logistics brokerage firms. Air delivery is a fast way to receive an order. However, in terms of documentation, cost of transportation and services, sea transportation is considered faster and more unhindered. Delivery by sea from China  is popular due to the possibility of transporting large quantities of goods of various sizes and types. Sea containers used for this type of movement do not require special preparation and can accommodate a variety of cargo of various weights and dimensions.

Brokerage companies

There are a large number of individual brokerage firms and transport logistics companies that additionally provide customs representative services.

The market for brokerage services is growing, any company strives for development, finding new ways for fast and high-quality assistance in cargo transportation and documentation. It is very important to choose the right intermediary who will handle all transport issues.

Criteria for selecting an agent:

  • Existing license to carry out brokerage activities – inclusion in the list of the State Register. This clause ensures full responsibility for the quality of services and the condition of the financial side in the form of insurance amounts;
  • Convenient location for quick customs clearance of goods;
  • Reviews and reputation – open information about the activities of the enterprise and previous successful investigations;
  • Availability of all documents, equipment and additional devices for work.

A good broker can be chosen in any city and his responsibilities should include the preparation and submission of documents for any type of transportation and any final point of arrival of the goods.

The rating of any company depends on many factors. When choosing, it is important to study all aspects of brokerage intermediaries, get acquainted in detail with the work of the company, with prices, tariffs, work mechanisms and a full list of services provided. The price is negotiated and calculated individually at the conclusion of the contract and depends on the type of cargo, point of departure and arrival, as well as on the characteristic features of the order.

Many brokers work unofficially and with reduced prices, which can adversely affect the customs situation with your goods. When starting cooperation with a company, you must be sure that there are no additional risks or problems when going through customs.

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